Hot or Cold: Your Iced Tea Steeping Guide

Hot or Cold: Your Iced Tea Steeping Guide

Iced tea has long been our refreshing summer beverage. Why wouldn’t it be: it's cool; it’s refreshing; it's tasty. And it's versatile.

Depending on how much time you have to steep your tea – and your taste preferences – you can choose from these two methods to prepare and steep your iced tea, which we have highlighted for you here.

Take your pick. Try both. Enjoy your cool, refreshing summer drinks!

The Long Goal: Overnight Cold Steep

Grab your chosen Cove Tea loose leaf tea blend and your desired iced tea pitcher. Let’s get started!

  1. For 2 liters of iced tea, you’ll need to measure out approximately 7 teaspoons of your favourite iced tea blend and place it in your pitcher.
  2. Add 2 liters of cold or room temperature filtered water to your pitcher.
  3. Place your iced tea pitcher in the fridge and allow it to steep overnight, or 8-10 hours, depending on your personal taste preference and how strong you enjoy your iced tea.
  4. Remove your steeped cold brew iced tea from the fridge and remove the tea leaves or tea bags.
  5. Enjoy your cuppa over ice! Sweeten to taste if desired.

An overnight cold steep will yield a smoother, fuller flavour with fewer tannins released from your tea leaves.

Iced Tea Making Tips:

  • The longer you leave the tea leaves (or the tea bags) in, the stronger the tea gets.
  • Vary the strength of your iced tea by adding more or less tea. Naturally, the more tea you add, the stronger your iced tea will be.
  • For more or less iced tea, adjust your ratios of water and tea accordingly.

I’m Need More Now: Hot Steeped Method

Sometimes, we don’t have the patience to wait for our next cup of deliciously satisfying iced tea. So, here’s the method to get to your next pitcher quickly:

As above, choose your iced tea pitcher and your favourite Cove Tea Summer Collection blend you can’t wait to steep.

  1. For 2 liters of iced tea, use approximately 7 teaspoons of loose tea leaves and place in your pitcher.
  2. Add a 1/2 liter of hot filtered water to your tea leaves.
  3. Allow the tea to brew for its suggested time (Black teas are usually suggested to be steeped for 3-5 minutes).
  4. Fill the remaining 1.5 liters of your iced tea pitcher with filtered room temperature water. Using water that is too cold may cause the tea to become cloudy.
  5. Pour your freshly steeped iced tea over ice and serve!

As with the cold brewed method, adjust your ratios of water and tea for more or less iced tea. The bonus of this method: quick, ready-to-sip iced tea.

Extra Homemade Iced Tea Tips & Tricks

Keep your tea from becoming diluted by using iced tea cubes. Not only will your drink stay cool, but it will also retain the flavour. Also, you can steep a stronger pitcher, and use the melting ice cubes to dilute your iced tea to the perfect ratio.

To add beauty to your iced tea, try adding blooming tea or flowers into your ice cubes for an elegant twist on your ice cubes. Add some frozen fruits to your iced tea for a punch of flavour, color, and fun “ice cubes.”

Cheers to your next pitcher of iced tea! Enjoy!



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