Treat your Guests to our Artisan Tea Bar Experience

Bringing artisan Cove Tea teas to your event is more than simply providing your guests with a delicious way to quench their thirst; you’re bringing a unique, tailored experience to your coworkers, your friends, and your family.

Tea is the perfect beverage for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, even corporate events. When you choose The Cove Tea Company for your special event, you get to pick from a host of amazing, high-quality services catered to your tastes. We fit seamlessly into any venue and all your favourite teas come with us.

Based in Spruce Grove, Alberta, we are a stone’s throw away for your events in the Edmonton area, and we could be persuaded for a little road trip to the Rockies or Calgary. We love tea and will travel; you let us know where you need us for your special day, and we’ll come fully stocked and ready to provide your guests with an amazing service. 

Full-Service Artisan Tea Bar

A Cove Tea Bar adds a touch luxury to any event. Your guests will feel indulged and pampered as they sip on locally-blended teas. You will be more than a host; you’re creating an experience where the magic of beautiful memories begins. Our Tea Bar services are the best choice for any special event!

When you choose one of our artisan tea bar packages, all you have to do is pick your favorite tea blends — we'll handle the rest. A small team of our Tearistas will come set up a professional tea bar and provide you with two hours of unlimited service. Just select a tea bar package, relax, and enjoy a variety of delicious teas.

  • Full Service Tea Bar

    A well-trained, friendly Tearista is provided, ready to delight your guests with outstanding service.

  • Ready-to-Drink Gallons

    Want to take our artisan iced teas home to share with friends? Here’s your chance.

  • Party Favours & More

    From wedding favours to take-home treats, your guests will be forever grateful & remember your special day. 

  • Lakeside Lounge

    3 delicious iced teas

    2 hours of unlimited tea service in compostable cups

    A team of Tea-ristas to provide your guests the full tea experience

    Customize this package

    adding reusable straws, Cove Tea glassware, and much more.

    The Lakeside Lounge package starts at

    $700 + $2 per guest

  • Beachside Calm

    4 delicious iced teas

    2 hours of unlimited tea service 

    A signature Cove glassware for every guest to keep

    A team of Tea-ristas to provide your guests a professional tea bar experience

    Customize this package 

    Add reusable straws, personalized labels, extra service styles, and much more.

    The Beachside Calm package starts at

    $850 + $4 per guest

  • Coastal Retreat

    5 delicious iced teas

    An additional service style

    A signature Cove glassware for every guest to keep with custom stickers

    Reusable straw for every glass

    2 hours of unlimited tea service

    A team of Tea-ristas to provide your guests a professional tea bar experience

    Customize this package

    Additional service time, extra service styles, party favours, and much more.

    The Coastal Retreat package starts at

    $1000 + $6 per guest

Enhance Your Experience

As every event is unique, we offer a variety of additional options to enhance your tea bar package, so your event is just how you want it — absolutely perfect! Share your vision; we’ll make it happen. 

We offer additional serving hours, for those gatherings where two hours simply aren’t enough; additional serving styles; as well as additional tea blends to ensure you’re serving all your favourite Cove artisan tea blends. See all possibilities below:

  • Additional Serving Styles

    That’s right — more beverage styles to choose from. Ask about Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Tea Lattes, Sparkling Tea, Italian Sodas, Coffee, Mocktails, and more.

  • Customized Tea Stickers

    We design the perfect personalized label. Your guests will remember your event every time they go for a tea refill.

  • Reusable Bamboo, Metal, or Glass Straws

    These stainless steel or glass straws are much classier than plastic, and easier on the environment, & a great little gift for every guest.

  • Reusable Metal Tea Tins

    Square metal tins filled with your favourite Cove loose leaf tea, or opt for our limited edition rose gold tins. Give your guests a few servings of amazing artisan teas they can steep at home.

  • Ayelet

    Over the top amazing customer service. Thank you so much!”

    - Gift Giver

  • Stephanie

    “Thank you for the delicious tea, easy ordering, and terrific customer service!”

    - Tea Lover

  • Sylvie

    Great tea experience. Feels like offering myself a small luxury.”

    - Radio Host

Book Your Personalized Tea Bar Experience

Create a unique experience for your guests with a personalized tea bar, event reminders, and endless fun. Whether you’re treating your bridal party, baby shower guests, hosting your birthday party, or elevating your wedding with scrumptious sips and tasting treats.