A Cozy Café To Gather with Friends + Experience Amazing Teas

A Cozy Café To Gather with Friends + Experience Amazing Teas

When travelling to new cities, you find comfort & community within the walls of cafés, coffee shops, and tea houses. Hubs of the community, cafés unite locals with tourists and visitors alike.

Everyone gathered around a pot of tea, discussing their day and relaxing from life’s busyness. 

Welcome to The Cove Tea Company

With your help, we’ll open The Cove Tea Co.: a rustic, modern tea shop in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta. Our concept is simple: fresh, high-quality teas, delicious fresh food, and a community gathered in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

The Cove Tea Co. is focussed on high-quality loose leaf teas, curated from the world’s most skilled tea farmers. Quality tea leaves blended with natural ingredients to bring the fullest flavours to your cup.  

From Dream to Reality

The Cove Tea Company has been a dream of Sherry’s for nearly 20 years. During University, she’d walk passed buildings, vying their compatibility for a tea shop. Over the years, the discussion grew between two sisters as a way to stay connected over the kilometres between them.

Every trip, every visit, they take any chance they get to scope out new coffee shops, cafés, and tea shops – noting what they loved about each. Of course, there’s always the moment discerning over a terrible cup of tea. 

The discussions grew. The dream is making its way to reality as a brick-and-mortar location soon …  

Our Tea Shop Café

The Cove Tea Company is still searching for the perfect location. The room will be inviting, warm, and welcoming. Rustic modern touches to gently embrace you as you sit with a great book, a beautiful cup of tea, and enjoy each moment. 

It will be a tribute to the history of tea, the bits and bobs you remember when you sat down with your grandmother gossiping over her pot of tea. 

Our Teas

Loose leaf teas are the magic behind the Cove Tea Company. And, we honestly can’t wait to share them with you. 

The staples will be there to comfort you on the days you need a reassuring cup of tea. Not to fret, though, you’ll find plenty of new blends to delight your teacup. Seasonal blends will adorn our canisters for you to find new favourites and add flair to each visit to the tea shop and to your pot of tea at home. 

Summer will see wonderful iced teas awaiting to cool you on those hot, Edmonton summer evenings. Tea lattes to warm the chill of our long winters away. 

Our Menu

Who doesn’t love a fresh, buttery croissant with a freshly poured English Breakfast tea? A warm scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam accompanied by a Highland Toffee. A crème brûlée with a crisp Jasmine Pearl. 

Our menu will pair well with our selection of high-quality loose leaf teas. From our pastries to our desserts, you’ll have ample baked goods to delight your senses. 

Our light café menu will also pair well with our teas. It’ll be a unique take on pairing teas with tasty plates. And, we’ve challenged our chef to kick things up a notch. You won’t be disappointed! 

Our Service

You will be welcomed at the Cove Tea Company as though you’re walking into our home. Essentially you will be. 

Attentive. Informative. Friendly. Efficient. Welcoming. 

All you need to do: choose a tea, add a plate or two, relax, and enjoy. We understand every guest experience is unique, and our focus will be providing a made-to-measure memory each time you visit.

We aim to remember you, your preferences, your stories … and we can’t wait to hear them! 

Our Community

A bustling tea shop is built by an active community. And, an active community is our aim. We’re excited to collaborate with local farmers whenever possible because we know their produce just tastes better; and, they help our province prosper.  

The Cove Tea Company aims to create an atmosphere that celebrates passers-by stopping in for a visit, meeting new friends, and enjoying the joyful chatter of the room. 

We’re looking to create a space to help celebrate some of Edmonton’s talented creatives. From artists, sculptors, potters, and authors, we creating a collaborative locale to showcase their talents. Over the years, we’ve worked with great community-minded initiatives; initiatives we’ll contribute to through the café. 

We’re here to stay, to grow with our community, to help our community grow. 

Come for Tea

By joining forces with the Cove Tea Company, you’re prepared to stop in, relax, and take a few extra moments to prepare a beautiful pot of tea. We want to bring back the “sit back, relax, enjoy your day” to the community.

Help Us Spread the Word! 

Please help us spread the word to your friends and family. Let everyone you know we're coming to town to fill their cups with beautiful hand-crafted organic and specialty loose leaf tea. 

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