Posh Market: March 26, 2023

Posh Market: March 26, 2023

🎉 New Market Added to Our Roster!

For this beautifully curated market, we’re heading to Kingsway Mall — feels so weird to not say Kingsway Garden Mall still (IYKYK) —to serve up mouth-watering teas, tea lattes, iced teas, and other delicious tea bevies.

Not too worry, we’ll also have our luxury loose leaf options for you to take home with you, as well as a selection of tea bombs, caramels, and syrups. And, a small selection of tea wares and accessories.

Here’s where to find us for this market:

Posh Market
Kingsway Mall
Hyper Pop Space
March 26, 2023
11am - 6pm

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