The Cedar Market — September 2, 2023

The Cedar Market — September 2, 2023

We are less than a week away for this highly anticipated, widely fabulous day in the forest. With a well-curated selection of local vendors, live music, and a relaxing day to ring in Autumn, here are a few Keep-in-Minds & Need-to-Knows about Cedar Market.

How Best to Have a Great Day! 

From Renée, the creative behind the Cedar Market:
“Less then a week away, thought I should repost our "Keep in Minds" list. Being a slightly different setting for a market means slightly different things to know and consider! Below are some points to bare in mind when attending The Cedar Market✨️
  • Dress for your surroundings! Being outdoors and in a wooded area, remember to think about safety and comfort. Wearing closed shoes and long, lighter apparel will help with walking throughout the wooded trails, no one likes walking through that in their wedge heels!
  • Make sure to protect yourself from the sun and possible bugs! Even though we are preparing to do some mosquito fogging the morning of, it doesn't hurt to also use a preventative to deture them with some deet. Also like any summer day, remember SPF is everyone's friend!
  • Be prepared to use several methods of payment! Some of our vendors will be accepting several methods of payment such as debit/credit, etransfer and cash. Each vendor varies, so it is better to be prepared ahead of time.
  • Some vendors and the buskers will be CASH ONLY. Consider carrying cash if you are wanting to support these amazing singers and local artisans!
  • For those wondering, we will have 4 porta pottys on-site (yay!).
  • We will have some throw blankets to lay down and relax, eat your food while listening to some live music! Feel free to bring lawn chairs, if you like.
  • This is one that can be hard, but for the safety of your little one and things, keeping your littles in eyes sight can eliminate them injuring themselves or the things around them! Unfortunately, last market we had some damages done on one of our favorite trees, which we know can happen with large numbers of people! But, if we could avoid it for both parties, that is best!
  • To help with holding your stuff, bring a tote! If you don't have any, we will be selling our awesome "The Cedar Market" ones that are great and have a good depth and width. They will be sold at "The Cedar Homestead" booth at the beginning of the the forest trail.
  • As most of you know, we have a small flock of southdown babydoll sheep! That being said, we ask everyone who would love to give them "treats" to find a leaf that is around our property to feed them only please!
  • Last but not least, bring your beautiful selves! We look forward to connecting with so many smiles and faces throughout the

Getting to Cedar

has wondrously organized shuttle buses from the Stony Plain Heritage Pavilion, where there will be Parking Attendants helping you find a great parking spot and organizing the bus shuttles. 

She has coordinated four-to-five (4-5) buses to shuttle guests throughout the day, getting you to and from the market with minimal effort on your part. These shuttles will help with the lack of parking on the acreage as well as the safety of everyone on the narrow country roads. 

Please Note: Guest must use the Park-n-Ride to reach Cedar Market. There will be no parking at the Market. The Park-n-Ride can be accessed from the East Parking lot at Heritage Park in Stony Plain. 

Heritage Park
5100 41 Avenue
Stony Plain, Alberta


Thanks everyone, can't wait!

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