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The Cove Tea Company

Tea Filters (1-2 cup)

Tea Filters (1-2 cup)

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Make every delicious cup a bit easier with our biodegradable Cove Tea Co. tea filters. There filters are a perfect pairing with any of our loose leaf teas. You can add the exact amount of loose tea you like and even mix flavors together to create your own special blend. 

Use the Perfect Cup Spoon to make measuring a breeze. Or the Perfect Pot spoon for sharing a pot of tea with friends.


100 filters per box or a starter box with 20 filters. We’ve also introduced a sample pack of five (5) filters.

Disposable and biodegradable.


Easy to use tea brew filters.

1. Add tea to your filter

2. Fold over to close

3. Use the lid of the teapot or travel cup to hold filter in place.

4. Fold the edge of the filter over your cup to hold it on a regular teacup or mug.

5. Steep for the recommended time and remove and discard filter. 

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